Total euphoria! Headliner Tame Impala steals the show at London’s All Points East Festival

Tame Impala took to Victoria Park, August 25th, for an exclusive London show and exceeded all expectations! Australia’s Kevin Parker and 5-piece band performed on the main stage East and thrilled the crowd of fans who screamed the guitar riffs and synths back to him all night. The Tame Impala live experience was out-of-this-world, as psychedelic rock is paired with a mesmerising lightshow including a huge circular lighting rig shooting coloured lasers, almost resembling a UFO.


Personally, All Points East festival felt a lot less chaotic and rowdy than any other festival I have ever attended perhaps due to it being a day festival or because there was a range of ages. Although don’t get me wrong the festival itself had a great vibe, the music was outstanding and, in my experience, very friendly people. The perfect festival for someone that “doesn’t do festivals” with fairground rides, clean functioning toilets and short food and drink queues.

The music was a day of contrast, with a lot of softer sounding artists including Q, Omar Apollo and the standout for me Montell Fish starting the day. Chill RnB vocalist Montell Fish controlled the smallest ‘BMW play next stage’ with fans singing along to his beautiful vocals. This included new album tracks that recently blew up on TikTok, ‘Fall in Love with You’ and ‘Talk 2 Me’ with some fans standing on benches to get the best look. Meanwhile the North arena tent (where I spent most of the day) was full to the brim with ravers listening to various DJ sets including dreamy FKJ – until it was Tame Impala time!

Tame Impala’s electrifying set was 90 minutes of pure bliss! It began with a trippy satirical advertisement video of a pharmacist presenting a new (made-up) drug called ‘Rushium’ before fading into the first song ‘One more year’. The first few songs of the set were all handpicked from popular album ‘Slow Rush,’ and the crowd got dancing immediately. Kevin parker, seeming more charismatic than ever, hyped London’s crowd saying, “I thought this day would never come” followed by asking listeners to get “a little rowdy” to the rocky old fan-favourite ‘Elephant’.

Songs from a mixture of all albums played and by the midway point, the energy in Victoria Park was nothing but exhilarating with psychedelic visuals and multicoloured lasers that could be seen even from the back of the park. When the intro of ‘Let it Happen’ played, fans jumped higher than ever as the show turned multisensory as heaps of coloured confetti was released to create the ultimate live concert experience.

The setlist continued to impress right down to the final part. My personal favourite ‘Eventually’ did not disappoint; the crowd sang every word, note and drum with all hands in the air to catch the lasers from the UFO-like structure. For the last two songs “The less I know the better” and “New person, same old mistakes” I left the front of the crowd to get the full experience from further back. Copying the people around me I begged to get on my friends’ shoulders (sorry Dylan) to make the moment even more special – and special it was.The only thing I have left to say is that Tame impala is probably the best festival set I have ever witnessed with the perfect balance of music, visuals and vibes, and by the end I really did feel like a brand-new person!

5 Underrated British Indie bands you need to add to your playlist!

My Top 5 picks of promising indie bands that deserve more love and recognition! The indie scene is one of the most difficult to break through as it is so saturated already by great talents- especially in Britain – making it highly competitive. Therefore, I wanted to choose some bands that have only just started and others that are somewhat established although they all come under the same category of underrated.


The K’s 

The K’s are an unsigned 4 piece from Earlestown, (west Manchester), they’re definitely a band to keep your eye on as personally I think they’re soon to blow! Incredibly their discography consists of just 8 singles, despite this they already have 68 thousand monthly listeners on Spotify.

In 2021 The K’s supported the DMAs on their UK tour as well as performing many festivals this summer such as: Lollapalooza in Stockholm and isle of White festival. Although their biggest gig yet will be taking to the main stage of Reading and Leeds, this same stage will be hosting indie heavyweights’ Arctic monkeys and Fontaines DC in the same weekend.

I think the release of their debut album will really show if they have what it takes to be an established name in the indie scene. My favourite songs include Sarajevo, picture, hometown, and TV. Many of the tracks are punk inspired with fast drums and heavy guitars but with great softer vocals; the K’s said themselves they are influenced by iconic Manchester bands Oasis and Stone Roses.

The K’s on Spotify:



The next pick deserving WAY more recognition is Essex-based trio Bilk! Their unique sound is inspired by a variety of genres, such as pop-punk, rock, rap, grime and of course classic indie. Personally, I see most similarities with singer-songwriter Jamie T along with alternative rap artists such as Slowthai or Easy Life.

Bilk said they originally found it difficult to grow in hometown of Chelmsford as there is “no music scene whatsoever”. Despite this they have continued to achieve getting booked for huge UK festivals such as YNOT and Reading and Leeds this summer as well as receiving over 107k Spotify monthly listeners. Their tour this year included a gig at the iconic London venue of the 100 club that has hosted some of the biggest punk/rock bands, like The Sex Pistols and The Clash. Bilk have released several great singles such as: Spiked, Bad News and Day Dreamer. The refreshing trio’s lyrics perfectly describe British youth culture, being reckless teens and the reality of working-class Britain.

Bilk on Spotify:


The Royston Club

The Royston club are an exciting band from Wrexham (north Wales), and as said so themselves are “just four lads making music”. The band’s success is rising as they recently played Isle of White and Neighbourhood Weekender festival and supported The Snuts in a sold-out Manchester gig. On top of that, the Welsh 4 piece just completed an 18 show UK tour that was very well received, highlighting their nationwide fanbase.

I think the best singles include Mrs Narcissistic, Coasting, Marina, the backburner. I would compare their sound to the likes of classic vocal indie bands such as The Kooks and 2 Door Cinema Club with their similarly strong emotive vocals, catchy well-written chorus’s with the addition of their distinct Welsh accents.

The Royston Club on Spotify:


The Skinner Brothers 

The Skinner Brothers are from London, made up of 4 members, their music is a blend of genres such as jazz, rock, and alternative rap. Their top songs include: Nothing but an Actor, Stupid Much? and Away Days. I think what sets them apart is having slower melodies paired with strong cockney vocals and their overwhelming passion that can be heard through songs such as away days that was inspired by British football culture and the emotions that comes with it.

They formed in 2018 and without a label The Skinner Brothers gained instant recognition by supporting the iconic Libertines followed by Kasabian (two of the biggest indie bands in the Uk). The London based quartet will continue to thrive as they have an upcoming tour across the country and will appear at several festivals before the summer ends.

The Skinner Brothers on Spotify:


The Aftercare

I was shocked to see that this London-based trio had just 3000 monthly Spotify listeners and I think they deserve to be on your playlist! Aftercare currently only has 5 songs, the standout tracks for me are Spaceman, Samviktor and Sunday Comes around. With all 3 boys playing guitars they create softer sounding melodies that resemble more alternative bands such as Weezer and The Strokes.

The band gained some popularity through TikTok when they covered Declan Mckenna’s hit ‘Brazil’ while they sat in the bathtub playing guitars and it received over 2.6 million views! Aftercare are only at the beginning of their journey as they started at the beginning of this year, currently they’re playing intimate shows around London and their new release  ‘Adult Fiction’ is coming out soon. I have no doubt that they will grow as they release more consistently great music- the sky is the limit for this band!

The Aftercare on Spotify: 



Glastonbury – The best unexpected collaborations of the weekend

The world’s biggest greenfield music festival has come to a close after 5 days of incredible performances and a collection of unforgettable moments. An electric atmosphere filled the Worthy Farm fields as Glastonbury celebrated it’s 50th year and a successful comeback after a 2-year break during the pandemic.

Glastonbury has had some unbelievably iconic moments over the years and some of the most memorable are the surprising duets and collaborations between performers. Over the years, the festival has brought together the likes of The Killers and The Pet Shop Boys, Dizzie Rascal with Florence and the machine as well as Miley Cyrus and Lil Nas X. Personally I think the more random and weirder the collaboration, the better.

Let’s take a look at some of the best unexpected crossovers of artists this year…


Paul McCartney the Beatles legend had the Saturday headline spot, and he did not disappoint. His 38-song set was full of great moments including: breath-taking fireworks, a heartfelt tribute to bandmate John Lennon, and the crowd singing Paul happy birthday to celebrate his 80th! But the moment that has had everyone talking is when he surprised the audience of over 100,000 people with icons Bruce Springsteen and Dave Grohl. The appearance of the Foo Fighters’ frontman made the performance even more special as he played for the first time since the death of fellow bandmate and friend Taylor Hawkins. The trio of Rock n Roll royalty performed Springsteen’s ‘Glory days’ followed by Beatles classics ‘I Wanna Be Your Man’ and ‘The End’ with both guests taking part in an epic guitar showdown!


Perhaps the most random out of all my picks, making it one of my favourites, is when Blossoms invited pop legend Mel C from the Spice Girls on stage. I think it’s safe to say it was the crossover nobody was expecting. Frontman Tom Ogden asked the audience of The Other Stage, “Do we have any Spice Girls fans in the house?” before introducing sporty spice and asking her to excuse his poor attempts of the dance moves. Together they performed the Spice Girls’ classic ‘Spice up Your Life’ and the fans enjoyed every minute of the all-English modern indie rock and 90s pop crossover.


A collaboration I really enjoyed was during Lorde’s magical Sunday set, when she invited special guests Arlo Parks and Clairo to sing ‘Stoned at the Nail Salon’ with her. The New Zealander star described the song as “the ultimate comedown anthem” and joking that her set is the perfect place to do this after a heavy few days. As somebody who is obsessed with all 3 singers, I can only describe them as the holy trinity of alternative indie vocals. The trio did not disappoint as they harmonised beautifully creating a wonderful moment for the audience to reflect on the whole weekend.


The duo that has caught the most attention from the weekend and a highlight for many attending was when American pop sensation Olivia Rodrigo invited British icon Lily Allen onto stage. 19-year-old Olivia stole the headlines as she sang Lily Allen’s notorious tune ‘F*** You’ directing it towards members of the Supreme Court that voted to overturn abortion rights in America. Rodrigo spoke aggressively, “so many women and so many girls are going to die because of this. They clearly don’t give a shit about our freedom”. The teen then named all 5 judges before giving an unforgettable performance alongside Lily who is known for her outrageous comments and controversies. The singing itself was far from perfect but the chaotic energy captured the beautiful raw emotions of anger and vulnerability.


Leave a comment down below telling me your dream Glastonbury collaboration!

TikTok – Is it a blessing or curse to the music industry?

Without doubt TikTok is the biggest influence on music right now! From launching ‘nobody’s’ to stardom, to controlling the charts to reviving old songs from the grave, TikTok has complete power over the music industry and what is popular.

TikTok has retained its spot as the most downloaded app in 2021 with now over 1 billion users. So, it is no surprise that the content creating app is hugely influential on the music business. The power of TikTok makes it easier than ever to propel artists to fame overnight, simply with a viral video or trending sound that gets reused and becomes popular. The app released a report revealing that 75% of it’s users say they have discovered new artists via the platform.

An example of this incredible sudden popularity is 20-year-old BENEE. The indie pop singer from New Zealand shot to fame after the most followed TikToker (with over 100 million followers) Charli D’Amelio danced to her song “Superlonely”. The song is still the 17th most streamed song in the world! In my eyes it defines TikTok culture during the lockdown period of summer 2020 and the sound will always instantly remind me of sunbathing in our gardens with homemade banana bread and Greek iced coffee.

An obvious advantage of TikTok’s influence is how quick it can help small artists gain listeners, as before many aspiring singers would take years to gain a following and even then, only the lucky persevering few. Also, TikTok has made advertising easier than ever, the short videos and algorithms can be more influential than thousand-dollar marketing campaigns.

Satan Dave’s Viral TikTok sound “Starlight”

In terms of charting, it is astonishingly obvious that popular TikToks affects the charts. When I check the current Official Top 40, I find that the first 5 songs are all huge sounds on the app! UK rapper Dave was reluctant to use the app at first, but his single “Starlight” reached number 1 and now has over 300,000 videos after a trend displaying pictures went viral.

Although some people criticise the changing state of the music industry suggesting it is “ruining the charts” and claiming artists purposefully make “catchy” songs to go viral. In my opinion, Drake’s hit song “Toosie slide” was made deliberately to be a viral TikTok dance as it includes the lyrics, “Left foot up, right foot slide” and it was successful as it became the fastest trend to hit a billion views. Although I understand why artists are going down this route, it is clearly damaging to the industry and making lots of music feel meaningless and less authentic.

I know at one time we have all been guilty of wanting to gatekeep our favourite underrated artists and songs, and as much as it infuriates me to hear “this is a TikTok song” while listening an old favourite, I understand that this is inevitable as the app is so big.

The Rise of the Alternative British Rap Scene – Why you should be listening!

The alternative UK rap scene is booming as artists such as Loyle Carner, Bakar and Slowthai are reinventing UK rap.

Often called ‘chill’, ‘jazz’ or ‘lo-fi’ rap, the sub-genre feels refreshing as it moves away from the well-known UK Hip-Hop Drill and Grime scene pioneered by Heavy weights such as Stormzy, Skepta and Giggs. Instead, the aggressive beats and fast lyrics are swapped for easy-going jazz-inspired beats paired with a conversational tone and often London accent.

In the last 5 years, the genre has taken off, I believe it’s because each artist has individual creativity, and because they focus less on charting and marketability. I think this music category will continue to thrive due to the relatability of the storytelling as it strays away from gang culture and violence found in grime that not many can relate to. This new wave of rappers use everyday life experiences and personal anecdotes to speak to an impressionable young generation.

Many start off on the platform SoundCloud, the interactivity features are why I think it’s so widely loved, artists can communicate with fans on each individual track. Also, artists can upload music without help, allowing them to be completely experimental and free of restrictions. Lausse The Cat first grew on this platform and despite not releasing music since 2018, he remains influential as he is one of the best storytellers. His ability to create vivid imagery through natural sound bites of real life coupled with his very real but poetic lyrics, allows listeners to go on a journey through his projects.

Another way songs take off is through the power of TikTok for example SL’s ‘Tropical’ and Bakar’s ‘Hell N Back’ that both ended up charting. This is not surprising as the songs are both aesthetic and catchy, making them perfect for short TikTok clips, allowing the artists to gain free recognition.

Although this genre is relatively new, I would suggest it has taken inspiration from old classic British artists from the early 2010’s. I strongly believe that Rizzle Kicks walked so that Loyle Carner could run, as they share a similar conversational tone and jazzy samples despite the difference in maturity of lyrics.

Here is my list of underrated alternative UK rappers that you need to check out and put on your playlist:

  • Knucks
  • Bennadict
  • Spencer Elmer
  • Collistar
  • Sainte 
  • Ashbeck
  • Ayrtn

Check out this playlist to explore the genre more:

Rex Orange County’s ‘WHO CARES?’ – Unexpectedly Uplifting!


Alex O’Connor, known famously as Rex Orange County has just released his much-anticipated 4th album, ‘WHO CARES?‘, but it is not the sorrowful breakup album most fans were expecting. Instead, Rex focuses on healing and self-reflection through enjoyable melodies.

Listen to ‘WHO CARES?‘ here:

It feels like Rex has perfected his own sound, dominating the genre of bedroom indie pop. Similar artists include: Easy Life, Wallows and Mac DeMarco.

The short but sweet album of only 35 minutes is the perfect alternative summer album. It presents difficult themes such as stress, lack of motivation, depression and not fitting in, that noticeably contrasts his amiable soothing style. This contrast is what allows listeners a form of escapism as all songs have a nostalgic comforting feel, paired with the relatability of the heartfelt lyrics.

However, despite personally loving most the tracks, I can understand why fans are confused or in some cases disappointed. In comparison to his last album ‘Pony’, the new album lacks the same depth and variety of tracks.

As although Rex is famous for his catchy jazzy pop hits, his real fans know he makes some of the best sad songs in modern music and after his breakup fans expected at least a few tear-jerking ballads they could relate to. However, it seems like the singer songwriter is in a happier state of mind now, so it seems wrong to wish for sad songs for my own gain.

The albums simplicity and Alex’s charmingly awkward persona makes it a very enjoyable listen, and I am confident that it will only get better with every listen. However, there is definitely some stand out songs.

  • Firstly, one of the singles ‘AMAZING’ as it is annoyingly catchy! I have found myself adding it to my Spotify queue and singing it randomly in the kitchen way too many times to be ignored.
  • Next, ‘OPEN A WINDOW’ featuring Tyler the Creator as it has a nostalgic almost 80’s vibe paired with modern lyrics. The fact Tyler is the only collaboration song feels oddly wholesome as he was the artist that helped Rex rise to fame in 2017 when Tyler featured him on the now platinum album ‘Flower Boy’ – so it feels like a full circle moment in their friendship.
  •  ‘SHOOT ME DOWN’ is already a personal favourite of mine as it weirdly feels like a Bond theme song but in the best way possible.

(Posted:13th of March)

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